Petrol cost Feb 14

Petrol cost 7Feb14

It's been nearly a year since I posted about the my car petrol usage. How timely.

The "Before" and "After, similar to previous post, is cost before and after the oxygen sensor was fixed respectively. Subsequently, there was an increase in petrol price by RM0.20 per litre, solely due to cut in government subsidy.

Doesn't seem to be much difference among the three, is there? The average cost for "Before", "After" and "Petrol increase" is RM14.5/km, RM15.2/km and RM15.4/km respectively. It's quite strange that the average cost is higher after the repair compared to before lol but then again I don't know what's the margin of error and so not sure how significant the difference is. The increase cost after increase in petrol price is expect.

Interestingly, the cost of "After" and "Petrol increase" are more stable than "Before". I suspect this is because my driving routine is more predictable now i.e. drive to-and-fro Seremban and for tuition. Previously, when my sister and her family were living in KL, there were adhoc drives to-and-fro her place especially when my parents were also down at her place.
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