Johnny Rockets @The Curve

Johnny Rockets is an American restaurant that serves chiefly burgers. Back in October 2013, they opened the first branch in Malaysia at The Curve.

While Ban and I looked at the menu, we were a little disturbed by the sudden increase in the volume of music. I was thinking that we may need to order and eat quickly until we realised the reason (for the loud music) was for this:

Oh yes, they were performing a dance to the customers outside. Catchy song :) I was amused though I don't think Ban was. He would probably prefer it to be a little quieter...right?

We ordered the following:

Johnny Rockets 1

The hot dog meat was good but unfortunately there was too much sauce. Thank goodness the fries were unsalted.

Johnny Rockets 2

Ban had this...whatever this was lol. Sorry, it was a while back and evidently I was busy eating instead of taking notes :) He wasn't impressed with it. It was normal and certainly was not worth the price.

Johnny Rockets 3

Similarly for this chocolate milkshake. It was normal and so way too expensive (RM16.90). Oh but I have to mention one thing that is unique here: you know how when you order shakes or ice-blended drinks, they will throw away excess liquid once they filled your glass? Not here. They gave me a metal container, presumably the same one they used to make the milkshake, that contained the excess. That was a pleasant surprise.

Johnny Rockets 4

Cute, right? The serving waiter did this for us. I would have stopped him if I had known what he was about to do. Ban and I don't take tomato sauce.

Midway through our lunch, they performed again but this time inside the restaurant:

Overall, the ambience was good. I like their decorations, tables and chairs and the colour combination. The service was quite commendable but don't expect fast-food kind of fast service. This is definitely not a fast-food joint. Unfortunately, although the food and drinks are pretty good, it is pricey for what you get.
3 Responses
  1. William Says:

    So its like eating in an episode of Glee?

  2. Jaded Jeremy Says:

    Hahaha well the restaurant staff are the glee cast then.

  3. Ban Says:

    certainly not for me. Just want basic service