Petrol cost Mar 13

It's been awhile since I last (and apparently first lol) touched on this. Since then, my car was sent to a workshop, near my home in Seremban, for servicing. Among other things, the mechanic fixed the oxygen sensor. It was blinking indiscriminately for quite sometime.

From what I understand about the oxygen sensor, essentially it supposed to help to optimise the ratio of petrol to oxygen and thus minimise wastage of petrol. I was curious to know whether this has been true in terms of petrol cost per km and thus I charted the cost separately after the repair.

(Well, that was one reason but admittedly an afterthought. What really happened was that I messed up my the amount of petrol pumped into my car just before the repair hahaha).

Petrol cost 22Mar13

Hmmm, ignoring the obvious outlier, it doesn't seem to make a difference, does it?

The average cost before and after the repair is RM14.5/km and RM15.5/km. I didn't measure the margin of error and thus can't comment on the significance of the difference.
2 Responses
  1. William Says:

    I thought it measures the amount of oxygen in the car XD

  2. Jaded Jeremy Says:

    Yes it does that and more: it also then determines how much petrol to use based on the amount of oxygen.