More work

Turned out that I didn't need to worry about being rehired. The current project hasn't ended but the actuary had already asked me to help him in another project. Yay! That means my work has been good enough for him.

The next project is much bigger and in fact I have no experience in doing the stress-testing part (though I'm familiar with its concept and in theory what to do with it) but neither does the actuary hahaha. However, he has a few ideas and I'm sure he will or already has bounced some ideas with fellow actuaries. So he offered to guide me with clear instructions if I was willing to be on board. I told him that "clear" was a word not normally associated with actuaries :P

That project is expected to start soon. Yet, shortly later he approached me for another project! Again, it's a project that I have no experience in but also almost clueless in theory @_@ I decided to politely decline the invitation as I feel I'm already a little stretched.
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