Suddenly busy

Sometime last week, I received an e-mail from an ex-colleague asking me whether I was interested in helping him with a actuarial project - a task that I could work from home. After discussing with my sisters and Ban, I accepted it. I'm nervous as I have not actively used my actuarial skills for more than 2 years but I am keen to use do so albeit at a much preferred slower pace (rather than handling 6 projects at the same time!).

On Thursday, I received information to get me familiarised with the templates. I did my best to read and learn to use the templates as much as possible and then responded accordingly before Ironclaw session that night.

I tutored a family friend's son in Math on Friday morning and did some work after lunch before heading out in the evening for dinner and boardgames with Ban and another friend.

Half of Saturday was occupied with work. At one point, I was getting a little frustrated with trying to figured out the templates (I'm used to Excel 2000 rather than Excel 2007) but luckily the ex-colleague was patient and understanding. By then, I also received data for the project @_@

Sunday was occupied with yoga class in the morning and my first session of Night's Black Agent pen&paper rpg, where players play as spies. It was a long tough session (4 hours!) and I was at times lost because details were asked of me as though I had been through the relevant courses to provide them @_@ Fortunately, my fellow team members were helpful in providing ideas and suggestions. Hopefully I can contribute more in future.

I tried to wind down after dinner by playing Wrong Chemistry with Ban and friend. After that, I made a small mistake of checking my e-mail hehe and so I did a little bit of work (10mins only lah) just so I could reply to a rather urgent e-mail asking me whether I can provide draft results this week @_@

Guess I'll be very busy this week. I hope I still have time for Ironclaw session this Thursday.
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  1. Ban Says:

    Busy is a change of pace! Get plenty of rest and drink lots of... oh, nvm.