Watercress soup

Watercress soup

I boiled watercress soup before in the past. After that, I gleaned some tips from my sisters about making the soup base. Basically, this time, while boiling the chicken (I used chicken breast but left the skin intact), I continually scooped up scum and oil from it so that it would be as palatable as possible for Ban. Ok, even I wouldn't like the scum and less oil is definitely better.

I had enough ingredient to make two pots of soup and each pot can feed me for 2 dinner. So I split the ingredient into two and had the first pot to myself as Ban was away. I also added a few peppercorn. While making the soup base, I soaked the watercress in water as I understood it to be notoriously sandy.

After boiling the soup for just over an over and continually scooping up scum and oil, it tasted good enough to put in the watercress (after washing it thoroughly). I know that I probably should have boiled longer (I heard people normally boil for hours @_@) but I did want some taste left in the meat as it was meant for my dinner too. Moreover, the soup base already tasted good for me.

After boiling the watercress for, say, half an hour, it was ready. Tasted great to me.

The second batch of ingredient was cooked on the day Ban returned home. Again, I had it for dinner and kept some for his supper. Verdict from Ban? "It's ok!" Gah lol. "Will you have it again?" "Ah, yes?" Hahaha. Ok, I take it as a sign of approval :)
2 Responses
  1. William Says:

    You need not boil the watercress for hours. What you did was right.

  2. Jaded Jeremy Says:

    Oh, I actually meant boiling the chicken meat for hours (before putting in the watercress).