As stated in a previous post, I was hired ala freelance to assist an actuary in a project. So far, I had put in about 19 hours of time spread unevenly over 7 days, including 3hrs 25mins spent on reading and understanding the relevant regulations and the use of the actuary's templates. Time spent on a day ranged from 1hr 5mins to 5 hrs 40mins.

My aim from the start was to perform the task as carefully as I could and to provide any help along the way e.g. check for internal consistency, informing the actuary of mistakes in his templates and performing short analysis when highlighting issues so as to facilitate discussion. There as a mistake I made towards the end of the calculations but luckily the actuary spotted them. That flustered me a little bit and so I doubled my effort in checking before passing the spreadsheets back to him

Nevertheless, I believed (and hopefully it's true!) that I had done quite a good job so far. Hopefully it'll go smoothly until its completion. Next step will be a draft report.
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  1. William Says:

    All the best. Hope it will be a source of good income.