Beasts of Burden: Animal Rites

Beasts of Burden

Ban's brother bought this book recently and, for reasons unbeknownst to me, he brought it over to Ban's place and recommended it to Ban. Mind you, Ban's brother has many books of which some I'm sure he hasn't taken the trouble to do that too.

One of Ban's initial comments was that it was quite suitable for children...until he read more of it hehehe. It has a little bit of gore and partial nudity but the latter kept to a minimum. As for the former, that's littered all over the book. Yup, rites, remember? Hehe.

I like the idea of the main characters being dogs (and one single cat). I like the first story the best because it fits my idea of what dogs may know, by stretching my imagination a little. However, when magic comes into play, that's when I go like, "Huh? It's like they're humans in the form of dogs". Think of it like the Charmed sisters battling evil here and there, with an underlying major villain behind these minions, except that they're dogs here...and a cat.

Still, I will recommend this graphic novel to anyone. It's easy to read and entertaining (before I knew it, I finished reading it at one go @_@) and has enough depth to keep a critical mind at work. After all, it's recommended by Ban's brother, who is a well known critic of stories (especially when poking holes!).
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