"Benefits" of smartphones/tablets

When we were young, my sisters and I feared the visit of our late-grandmother. She didn't like us being noisy but we couldn't help it (hey, we were children!). There was lively discussion/instruction/dispute whenever we play together. There were negotiation, intimidation, use of imagination, cooperation, explanation of rules, amendments etc. A zillion things to say.

I bet she would gladly welcome the advent of smartphones/tablets. Children will just be engrossed in using them. No talking involved. Blissful silence.

It's also beneficial to customers at restaurants too. It's less noisy with fewer people talking. It is not uncommon for a family of four, after having ordered, just be engrossed in playing with those gadgets. Ah, I bet the rest of the customers can eat in peace (or maybe play in peace).

There's less worry about getting in touch with friends. One can just update Facebook and do that even over a meal with other friends. Can instantly know of any news and in fact, there are some who even don't bother to ask for news because, hey, everything is on FB, right? No need to waste breath and suffer dry throat and at the same time can exercise fingers. One day, those fingers can lift dumbbells.

Gone are the troublesome days where one thinks of ways to carry a conversation and to navigate its path of conversation i.e. when to continue talking about the topic, when to deflect, when to change topic.

One can play with the gadgets while waiting for pick-up by friends/family. Continue playing with them in the car, throughout the meal and after drop-off. This then negate the need for conversation or even merely observing the surrounding because, hey, one is busy playing.

Yes, so many "benefits", aren't there?
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  1. William Says:

    You still should get one ;)