The aircon dilemma

People may think that I dislike aircon, judging from my fervent use of fans and natural air ventilation. In fact, aside from my concern over global warming, I do prefer aircon set at about 26/27 degree (depending on the machine). It's cool enough so that I don't sweat and yet not so cold that I need to wear jacket (still need long pants or blanket to cover legs).

However, I have to restrict the use of aircon because of my sinus. It causes a gradual build-up of nasal blockage. When I sleep with aircon switched on, I can sleep soundly but will wake up feeling tired, some nasal blockage and obvious dark rings under my eyes. It'll take hours, including an afternoon nap, for me to recover.

During the current heatwave, I have no choice but to use aircon more frequently than usual. A good night sleep definitely trumps the after-effects the next day except when I need to drive in the morning. Gah.
3 Responses
  1. William Says:

    I just sweat it out at night

  2. Jaded Jeremy Says:

    You can sleep that way meh? I can't.

  3. It’s pretty hard to survive the heat wave without an AC! With proper maintenance and regular cleaning, I’m sure your unit would be free from dust that could worsen your sinus problems. Changing your air conditioner filters on a regular basis is good, too. On the other hand, you could strive for an indoor environment that’s not too dry and not too humid. It’s also important to open up your house on a warmer day, unless there were excessive pollens or dirt to set off your allergies.

    Lashon Cheatham @ All About Air