Three Little Pigs & The Big Bad Wolf @Tropicana City Mall

I've been quite intrigued by this restaurant for sometime. So one day after gym, Ban and I had lunch there. For me, it was a light lunch.



Oh yes, they cleverly designed the menu such that there appear to be a silhouette of someone taking photos :P


Ever since I heard (and love it!) the song "Escape", I always wanted to try a glass of pina colada. This RM16 drink was too sweet for me and appear to have some liquor although it was listed under mocktail. I felt very lightheaded later and had headache. Needed to take a few hours of nap @@



Finally, after watching so many Western cooking shows, I get to try eggs Benedict (RM19). The egg was delicious! Its white was soft and the runny yolk went well with the rather hard toasted bread. The bacon was crispy. I only wished that they gave more vegetables but I guess that was a little much to ask for since this was probably a breakfast item.

Would I go there again? Maybe but definitely not often. It's expensive and I rather spend on expensive good Japanese sushi :)
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