Bird Garden Restaurant (formerly Bird Man Cafe & Restaurant)

I had tried the food at this restaurant previously, together with Ban and his brother, and I vaguely remember that their food was bad enough that we didn't go there again. Recently, however, Ban's brother tried it again after it changed its name and shifted to a nearby (2nd storey, instead of ground floor) location and stated that its beef shabu-shabu ramen (RM 16.90) was good. So I decided to give it another shot.

Bird Garden 2

Bird Garden 3

The best part of this dish was its soup. Ramen soup is usually salty half of the time but this one was not salty and moderately flavourful.

I was quite impressed by the variety of ingredient it had: beef, egg, seaweed, lettuce, mushroom and onion. However, they were all mediocre in taste.

The biggest letdown was the ramen noodle itself: there was this bitter after-taste that reminded me of boric acid that was commonly used in making yellow noodle but it's now prohibited. It's not surprising that this is the deal breaker: I'll never have their ramen again.

Bird Garden 1

Their ice-blended chocolate (RM 7.90) was more watery than the usual ice-blended drink but not as sickly sweet and so that was good. It was also darker.

Ban had smoked duck ramen which he said was ok but he wouldn't want to have it again, especially since the duck ramen served by Sushi Q @Paradigm Mall is much better.

Guess we won't be going back to this restaurant for a third try.
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