Costco in Canberra

As stated in their website, Costco is a "membership warehouse club". To me, it's similar to Tesco here in Malaysia except that you need to pay for membership. They do have significantly more items packaged in bulk. Malaysia used to have Makro hypermarket that charged for membership but they didn't survive.

According to my sister, it can't be said in general that things are cheaper there. They have items that are cheap but others are priced similarly as, say, the supermarkets. So you will need to pay attention to the things you buy and the number of trips you make to determine whether it's worth paying the membership fee.

So here's a photo of how it looks inside:

Costco 1

It does have the warehouse kind of look, doesn't it? Not too far off from Tesco except that Tesco looks more like a supermarket?

It even has a small foodcourt:

Costco 2

Costco 3

Although there was hot food sold by that small store, we purchased food from inside Costco and ate at the table here. Many people did that too. It's cheap doing it that way :)

One would think that members are people who are looking to save money because they are on tight budget (and so every dollar counts), or at least that's what I think. This Costco can certainly fit the bill...until you see this:

Costco 4

Ah yes, I'm sure the rich would automatically think of Costco when they want to buy expensive jewelry :)
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  1. William Says:

    Yeah, Makro is a more accurate comparison.