Robocraft: Golden Lovebeam

There was a huge major update (named "Full Spectrum Combat") that changed Robocraft building process significantly:
  • Only 1 set of chasis cubes
  • Fewer sets of weapons and movements
  • A paint tool
  • No more pilot seat. Bot destroyed when at less than 25% CPU left
  • All battle modes made available at the start, except for the new League mode which is ranked battle for maxed RR 25k. Yes, RR is also revamped
  • Auto-heal kicks in if you don't get shot and you don't use your weapons for 10 seconds. Thereafter, the regeneration can still be interrupted if either condition is breached
  • Bots on CRF can no longer be rented. They must be purchased. Many bots can be purchased with RP
For more details, please check the official patch note here.
In my last post on Robocraft, I was considering modifying my Lovebeam Mercy. I tried but unfortunately it didn't pan out well. So I scrapped it and built another from scratch. The result is a medic hover (with 8 hoverblades) that is inspired by Kaevik's Kae Bone but definitely not a copy as it is still significantly different. I adopted the general shape and gun placement but everything else (length, width, depth, shield) is different.

Golden Lovebeam 1
Golden Lovebeam 2

Golden Lovebeam 3

Golden Lovebeam 4

I'm quite pleased with this bot. Compared to Lovebeam Mercy, Golden Mercy (yes, spray painted gold :) ) is more stable and has better gun clearance. It is wider than Kae Bone and so a larger target of course but that also means the guns on each end are further apart from each other sets and thus survive plasma better...I think :) It is also faster than Kae Bone due to a pair of thrusters.

Only problem is that current meta favours fliers and evidently it's not so useful in healing flying team mates unless they swoop down to it. That's the reason I bought Lightstorm's UmbraWraith - a hybrid copter hover medic. I've been doing well with it so far. I'll blog about this bot in future.
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