Vietnam Kitchen @One Utama

Ban and I rarely go to One Utama nowadays. Paradigm Mall and Tropicana City Mall are simply closer and more convenient. Also, parking at One Utama is a nightmare, especially during weekends. Moreover, the only place we would dine at One U was Kita No Zen but since there are other Japanese restaurants closer to home that are about the same or better, there was just no reason to go to One U.

Recently, Ban wanted to pay a visit to the Boardgames stall set up at One U during Pesta Selangor weekend. We also took the opportunity to shop for a friend's birthday gift. Parking was extra bad (probably due to the festival) and we ended parking outside at Dataran. We were lucky getting that spot since even that area was crowded.

Due to where we parked and the location of the stall and craft shops, we were just looking at restaurants that we passed by. We settled on Vietnam Kitchen after flipping through their menu.

Vietnam Kitchen 1

As with any Vietnamese restaurant we dined at, we ordered beef noodle soup:

Vietnam Kitchen 2

Vietnam Kitchen 3

Vietnam Kitchen 4

The price, RM18.95, is RM3 more expensive that that at Du Viet but is fairly priced considering its location at a popular shopping centre.

The services was fast: noodle was served in about 5 minutes!

The beefy soup was delicious and not too salty. Sliced beef was quite tender but with wildly inconsistent sizes. The mint leaves were small and fresh. Its stalk was easy to break. Young mint leaves perhaps? Beef balls were not overpowering in taste, just right.

I believed the portion is a little smaller than Du Viet's but the latter's sliced beef was better, if I recall correctly. Taste is a little different...I think. Gosh, it's been sometime since I've been to Du Viet :)

The good news is that Ban, without being asked, said we can go there again next time. Yay! :)
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