Cholesterol 2016

I recently tested my cholesterol levels but this time, instead of going for blood test at Pathlab in PJ, I had it done at Alpro Pharmacy in Seremban where they just pricked my finger to draw blood and placed it on a plastic strip which was then inserted into an electronic device. Results out in 3 mins. So fast and cheaper by RM10 (RM30 instead of RM40).

The ref range is slightly different:

                                  Jan 2015           Ref. range           Jan 2016           Ref. range
Total cholesterol           6.0                      < 5.2                  5.8                    < 5.17
HDL ("good")               1.43                    > 1.04                1.3                    > 1.03
LDL ("bad")                  4.1                     < 2.6                   4.1                    < 2.59
Triglycerides                 1.0                     < 1.7                   1.0                    < 1.69
Total/HDL ratio            4.2                      < 5.0                  4.5*

*Self-calculated as they didn't use this ratio. Instead, they use LDL/HDL ratio which turned out to be 3.15 which is higher than their reference range of 2.0.

So the significant difference is the drop in HDL. This can be explained: I had a once-a-year bad flu for nearly 3 weeks followed by a milder infection for almost a week. I didn't exercise at all during those periods and restarted exercising for over a week just before this test. Maybe I should change my future test date after a sustainable period of exercise hehehe.

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  1. William Says:

    If you go to the doctor with results from the one drop of blood test, they will order up a normal test.