Investment malaise

About a month ago, I said that I was looking for a tenant but alas there still isn't one despite searching for 3.5 months already. It's definitely a renter's market in Singapore and KL. Potential tenants are being picky. I don't mind fulfilling their requests if they are reasonable. Relatively easy fixes like new furniture and new coat of paint are fine by me but I certainly cannot do anything about "the condo is facing the highway and so it can be noisy" @@.

On equity side, shares are taking a severe beating mainly because of continuous drop in oil price and the slowdown in China's economy. I would love to buy more but since my main income (from rent) is non-existence, I have to restraint. Sigh. Two share counters are conglomerates with revenue derived from oil & gas industry and so their shares are significantly down. I expect reduced or probably no dividends from them too.

Due to rising SIBOR, I paid about 28% more interest payment in 2015 compared to 2014. Wah, please plateau soon :)

So the plan to move to Singapore is still on hold. Main priority is to get tenant first. Hopefully soon.