And if you were told there was a tablet you could take once a day which would prevent high blood pressure, heart disease, reduce your chance of stroke, reduce back pain, increase libido and fight mental illness, would you want it? 
That magic pill exists in the form of regular exercise.
- Jemma Hilliger

"I can't find time!"

"Oh, that's a good idea. Let's see, oh I have <insert a random activity> to do."

"I have too much work."

"I didn't sleep well last night."

"But my favourite tv series is on."

"That'll leave almost no time to play computer games."

"I have important errands to run."

"I have other appointments."

"I'm too tired."

Are the above excuses ever used by people for not eating? For not sleeping? No, right? Then people should stop using these for not exercising either.

Yes, exercise is as important as eating and sleeping. It is not something that you contemplate doing only if you have spare time. It should be mandatory unless you're advised by doctor(s) not to do so due to some dire health problems.

So, get going, stop making excuses, stop being lazy, start small (say, 15 mins a day and then slowly extend it to at least 30mins) if you must, just get started. Start treating yourself better for your own sake and your loved ones too.
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