The Time Keeper

Got this a birthday present 2 years back. Started reading it on the plane to OZ last year and finished reading it on the return flight hehehe.

The Time Keeper

An interesting plot. Its main character is the fabled Father Time, guest starring Tower of Babel :)

It had 3 stories progressing at the same time and in different time period too during the first half of the book. They were about a young insecure girl, a determined old man and, of course, a weary Father Time himself. It started with Father Time being punished for measuring time (interesting, isn't it?), a punishment that seems harsh to me.

Quite early on I figured the "moral of the story" and so all that was left for me to discover was how the 3 stories demonstrated this.

It's quite a light and easy reading and yet something different. I would recommend it to anyone.
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