Inaho: revisit (7th time)

Hehehe despite saying I wouldn't dine there again, Ban and I went there recently. I can't remember the details but I believed we settled on Japanese food and between Sakae Sushi and Inaho, Ban chose the latter.

Coincidentally, there was a promotion then: for every 4 ala carte dishes (with few exceptions) ordered, the cheapest one would be free. Oh great, I needed that because their sushi was expensive i.e. RM3 per salmon sushi and RM4 per salmon belly sushi (vs Sushi Tei's RM4.80 for a pair of salmon sushi).

So I ordered 6 salmon sushi and 2 salmon belly sushi.

Inaho 6th rd_1

Inaho 6th rd_2

Inaho 6th rd_3

They were also smaller than Sushi Tei's sushi and so despite the promotion, it was still more expensive. The fish tasted fine but 3 rice pieces broke easily. Shoddy. Haiz. Come on, Sakae Sushi was just few doors away and their salmon sushi, although served on conveyor belt, was definitely better than these and cheaper too.

Such a pity.

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