Robocraft: Appearance

Previous, I said that I would blog about Lightstorm's UmbraWraith, a copter-hover medic, but sadly this bot, in my opinion, is now suboptimal due to introduction of 2 new weapons: Aeroflak ("flak") and Lock-on Missile Launcher ("LML"). The major disadvantage against these weapons is that it's too slow to decent. Even if hovering close to the ground, it's slow to decent when the ground slopes downward and thereby vulnerable to flak's damage.

This is unfortunate because I really loved this bot. You can check out his earlier version in I was using version 5 of the bot.

In other news, a TDM match I was in turned out to be recorded by a famous Robocraft youtuber, Rosefall :)

Look at 12:20 to 12:31 (I'm in the enemy's team). In fact, I think the plasma shot at 12:25 was probably from me and then I appeared from behind towards the front at 12:29 hehehe. Two team mates and I were flanking them from behind. I was using a kooky fast plasma sled to hit and run, and of course to catch unsuspecting enemies. Sound cool in theory, right? Alas, probably won only 50% of the time. Lack of a jammer hurts, I supposed?
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