Table of 7 @Sushi Zanmai

Recently, Ban and I dined at Sushi Zanmai after gym. I was recovering from bad stomachache (did light treadmill exercise) and so had only a small bowl of Niku Udon (delicious!) which was enough for me.

Seated at the next table was a family of 7. They had on their table 2 large paper cups of soft drink (the kind you get from 7-11, for example), which they shared. There were only 1 cup of hot green tea and 1 glass of cold green tea ordered from the restaurant, of which I caught 2 people sharing the latter. I had no doubt that all beverages, brought from outside and ordered inside, were shared all around.

Some people may say that this family could not afford to dine at a Japanese restaurant on a regular basis and hence the blatant breach of etiquette. If this is true, then they shouldn't dine there at all. They should eat comfortably within their means and yet able follow proper etiquette. This is one messed up priority and also bad role models for the 3 children (2 of them young teenagers, it seems).

Maybe they are ignorant of the proper etiquette? Then the fault lies in the restaurant's staff for not being firm.

Maybe they simply don't care, in which case their actions should be condemned and mocked.

One funny thing is this: green tea at Sushi Zanmai (free flow) is only RM1.20 nett, which is probably around the same price as a large paper cup of soft drink.
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