Atlas Reactor: OZ

I have tried most Freelancers. Among the 3 categories i.e. Firepower, Frontline and Support, I'm weakest at playing Firepower. If I want to deal lots of damage, I die. If I want to stop dying, I deal little damage @@.

Currently the 2 Firepower characters I'm still playing with competitively are Nix and OZ.

OZ is fun to play. His distinguishing feature is his "afterimage" i.e. a clone of himself created at the last position he was at. You can only have one at a time, except during the turn after the ultimate ability is used (explained later).

His 1st ability, a Blast, (as usual, 1st one has no cooldown for all characters) is Phaser Laser. He and his afterimages shoot laser. Additional damage if shoot at same target. The default modifier increases this additional damage but I changed it because (maybe due to playstyle?) often than not I cannot shoot at the same target. So I choose the modifier Divide And Conquer: targets hit by only one laser take an additional 4 damage. This provides a more consistent amount of damage and in certain circumstances, it deals more damage than that of the default modifier.

His second ability, a Blast, is Photon Spray which enable him and his afterimages to deal damage in a cone-shaped area with additional damage if sprays overlap the same target. I stick to the default modifier which increase the energy gain per hit.

3rd ability, again a Blast, is Zap Trap which creates a damage shield around him and his afterimages. Again, extra damage if hit same target(s). Default modifier weakens enemies until end of next turn. Due to extra loadout points used for his 1st ability, I had to choose modifier with lower loadout point and so I choose the modifier that slows, instead of weakens. I seldom use this ability because it requires me to be in harm's way. Being a squishy, I prefer to keep a distance.

OZ's 4th ability is Made You Look, a Dash, which allows him to switch position with his afterimage. The default modifier adds might for that turn. It's a free action and so I can switch and blast enemies too in the same turn, with the might added on. Nice simple combo :)

His ultimate ability, also a Dash, is Catch Me If You Can, is a multistep ability: (1) choose a position to dash to, and then (2) choose 2 other positions for afterimages to travel to. Deal damage to targets along the way and, as usual, extra damage if hit same target(s). This is the only time there's more than one afterimage. The damage is quite small compared to ultimate abilities of other Firepowers but the strength of this ability (besides it being a Dash!) is what you do the next turn. You have 3 sources of damage: OZ + 2 afterimages. So choosing carefully those 3 positions in anticipation of enemies' positions is important.

Alas, although I did very well during the first 10 games (broke above ELO 1600), I did so poorly after that that I went back down below ELO 1500 @@. It is now back to 1500+. I still like playing him though.

Below are screenshots of 2 games where I contributed the most as OZ (compared to the lowest):

Atlas Reactor OZ_1

Atlas Reactor OZ_2

Atlas Reactor OZ 3

Atlas Reactor OZ 4

Yes, it was sudden death in both games @@. Close games.
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