Feedback & Comment at Work

I know many times when we are upset or frustrated at some colleagues and/or clients, we are tempted to use judgmental words like "careless", "incompetent", "stupid" and "weak". The list is definitely not exhaustive, both in length and in intensity of the words.

I've regularly encountered people, in my job, that rightly deserved such labels (good example is in this post) but it is generally not advisable to say that to their face. Yet, somehow I want to pass some sort of feedback to them in the hope they improve in future.

So I lay down the facts such that any one who reads it will understand the problem...and they can think up the appropriate judgmental words themselves :) One good tip: to encourage them to improve, tell them how it will benefit them too.

Likewise, if you are falsely accused of negligence, just put up a vigorous defense by laying down facts, without using judgmental words such as "unfair" and "check your facts before accusing me". With those facts laid down, assure the accuser that you are doing your best to help him/her (as evidenced by facts!).

Often than not such tactics would improve things in the future. There are, of course, some really stubborn and thick-skinned people. For those, just pray that karma works at lightning speed.
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