Overwatch: Mercy

Besides Reinhardt, Mercy was the other character that I watched videos for guides, tips and gameplays before trying her out in the Open Beta.

Mercy can either heal a friend or boost his damage. Only one at a time. She's usually better off doing this than change her healing staff to a blaster and shoot. However, do use the blaster if you suddenly find yourself all alone and trying to flee from an enemy. You'll never know whether you can outduel the enemy until you try. I did that a few times hehehe.

She also has an ability, with cool down, that allows her to quickly fly towards any friend within a certain range (quite a long range though). I use this frequently so as to be unpredictable in my movement, and of course to quickly go towards a friend who's in need of healing. She can hold down the Space button to slow down her descend after that if she is in the air and chooses to stay there longer.

She has a passive healing ability, which is great since she can't heal herself :)

Her ultimate ability is resurrection. She can resurrect as many friends as possible within a certain radius and within a certain time after their deaths.

This is the most resurrections I've gotten so far and done only once to date :) It unlocked the achievement "Huge Rez".

In terms of game mechanics, Mercy is easy to play in my opinion but you are constantly at the mercy of your team mates' (more so than any other character) gameplay.

Update: got another huge rez and this time it was PotG :)

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