Overwatch: Bastion

Bastion is a newbie favourite and, yes, it was my favourite too when I was at lower levels. He has the highest DPS among all heroes and, on the surface, quite easy to use: find a nice spot and shoot all enemies that come into side.

However, as pointed out by youtubers, players do learn how to deal with him later and his popularity drops as you level up. He is rarely picked for competitive plays. So until players learn that, he will remain a viable pick.

As for me, I use him only as a surprise factor i.e. last minute pick for defense and so catch enemies off guard. Works quite well for the last defense point or the final destination of payload. The key to playing him, as with many other heroes, is to reposition regularly so to scuttle enemies' plan to counter him.

Bastion has 3 modes. His default mode is a recon mode i.e. a robot. He then can reconfigure himself into sentry mode i.e. a turret-like structure that does rapid fire. Pretty much like a machine gun. Devastating and a favourite mode among players. In fact, some may view it even more powerful than his 3rd mode: the tank mode, which is his ultimate ability. For a short time, it'll fire cannons that do immense area-effect damage and adds more armor during this 8secs.

He also has a healing ability. So useful.

The last video shows how I unlocked the achievement "Charge!": kill 4 enemies with a single use of Bastion's Configuration: Tank in quick or competitive play :)
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