Like, Don't Like

Name one thing you like to do. Then, if you are not already doing so, imagine you spending less time on other things so as to spend more time on this activity.

Next, name one thing you do not like to do, even if it is for yourself. Surely you would try your best to spend least amount of time on this, wouldn't you?

Now imagine that after having done the above, you are asked by someone to do the thing you do not like to do but this time for that person's benefit (yes, not even for your benefit). Even worse, that person assumes that all you need is time: something that you have "created" to do thing you like to do and certainly not what you dislike doing. How would you feel?

When I'm in a generous mood, I sometimes help others despite not liking what's needed to be done. In fact, once a while I go out my way to do it. However, when it occurs on a regular basis, I just have to say no, even if I feel conflicted.

It was only recently I took the time to reflect why I feel resentment in doing this and then came up with the above reasons. I should probably explain this to them the next time I decline to help.
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