7th anniversary

I was so busy on the day my dad discharged from hospital (recuperating at Ban's place) that for the first time ever I forgot Ban's and my anniversary until late at night @@.

Since Ban had family dinner celebration the next night, I planned to have a more-expensive-than-usual dinner to celebrate two nights later but was concerned about my dad's condition. Fortunately, my dad was fine with our plan and in fact both my parents encouraged us to go out to celebrate by ourselves. For that, I'm grateful :)

We had a wonderful time dining at Kinpachi. Besides the usual salmon sushi and amaebi sushi, I also had fried soft-shell crab (with an unusual mild spicy taste) and salmon handroll. All were great but I probably wouldn't order amaebi sushi again (if I can remember!) because of its small size and so it's better to order salmon sushi which is cheaper. We chit-chatted about a variety of topics, taking our time with our dinner.

We used Garmin to get home but we took a wrong turning (damn multi-storeyed roads :P) and so took a little longer. I wanted to have chendol at Aman Suria's Lotus Curry House but they ran out of it. So thought of trying it for the first time at Original Kayu but they didn't have chendol (or ran out). Ended buying Pearl Milk Tea from Chatime hehehe.

I love you Ban! May we celebrate many more anniversaries together :)
5 Responses
  1. Twilight Man Says:

    Any photos of you 2 for your Anniversary? I am curious.

  2. zerachiel Says:

    nothing naughty happen meh ? lol !! XD

  3. Derek Says:

    Happy Anniversary! And glad that your dad is recovering well!

  4. William Says:

    I still remember the yummy amaebi from Wahiro.
    Next time order botan-ebi, much bigger!

  5. Jaded Jeremy Says:

    Twilight Man,
    Nope, there aren't any.


    Thanks and thanks!

    Wahiro! Totally forgot about that. Now too poor for that fine place lol. First time heard botan-ebi. Does it taste better? Bigger not necessarily nicer. For example, for normal cooked prawns, I prefer medium sized ones.