Tardy MyEG

Just before we departed for Butterworth, Ban realised that his car road tax hadn't been renewed. Since it was going to expire during our stay there, I suggested using MyEG. For past few years, I had been using MyEG to renew my road tax and they had always delivered it the next business day. While that was true for Klang Valley area, their website stated that it would take up to 3 business days to deliver elsewhere in Peninsular Malaysia.

Ban ordered his on Tuesday but due to some website/system/internet/goodness-knows-what errors, he ended paying four times. Had to call to get them initiate refund all but one (processed in 2 weeks...hopefully!). Yet by end of Friday it hadn't arrived. According to their website, they can be contacted "9am-7pm daily except for nationwide public holidays" but no one answered his call on Saturday despite trying for half and hour!

On Monday, he managed to get them and they said that his road tax was printed on Thursday but they couldn't get a runner to deliver it then. OMG! This is bewildering! Supposedly there was a runner on Monday but again another day passed without delivery.

Given that his current road tax expired on Friday, Ban called them again on Tuesday. As an aside, coincidentally, The Sun reported that "MyEG Q4 net profit doubles". He was repeatedly put on hold for quite a long time and passed to another personnel before finally being asked to call the Penang branch using a phone number that turned out to be wrong. Gah!

He called the main phone number again (in KL) and this time, after explaining that the Penang number was incorrect and much waiting again, it appeared that they had connected him to the Penang office and the latter confirmed that a runner was going to leave at 2.30pm that afternoon to deliver his road tax.

The runner had yet to appear by 4pm. Once again, Ban called and this time they gave him the runner's phone number which turned out to be the wrong runner! Fortunately, for once in this entire saga, this runner quickly texted Ban the phone number of the correct runner. The latter confirmed that he was just 10 mins away and true to his word, he arrived shortly. Phew!

Oh wow, oh wow. Either I have been lucky thus far with MyEG's services or they are currently experiencing serious system/manpower issues, as evident by complaints posted on their Facebook.
3 Responses
  1. Twilight Man Says:

    Luck seems better on your side always. This is something new to me that you could renew online.

  2. William Says:

    So far so good with MyEG. The first time I used MyEG, delivery was performed by their own office staff. A way for them to earn extra money.

  3. Jaded Jeremy Says:

    Twilight Man,
    They also provide many other online services.

    Ya lor, I too had only good experience with them. Maybe the one in Penang is lousy.