Atlas Reactor: final test and launch

Atlas Reactor ended its Beta phase with 10-day Open Beta from 15 Sep - 25 Sep. I was happy to see an influx of new players and some even bought the game during this period (as I surmised from the presence of many players using the title "Founder").

During the last weekend of this Open Beta, they conducted a second round of ranked match playtest. The 1st round was conducted weeks ago, where I played only 4 matches. My heart couldn't take it lol. Old already :)

Needed 10 placement matches to get initial rank. Fortunately, they counted matches from previous round and so I needed to do only 6 more but that too took me a while (because of my damn heart beating fast!). I played Aurora when no one on my team wanted to play support. Otherwise, I played Grey, which I was most comfortable with at that time. At the end of the placement matches, I was ranked this:

Ranked playtest

According to their first post on the 1st round of playtest, there were 7 divisions altogether i.e. Bronze to Contender, and 5 ranks within each division i.e. Rank 5 to 1 However, I didn't see any rank "V" and surmised that they might had reduced it to 4. Anyway, I was quite pleased with the rank. No doubt that team's win/loss counted a lot but I wonder whether individual "contribution" did or not count (counted in Overwatch, I think) and, if they did, to what extent.

The game will be launched on 4 Oct and the USD10 discount (USD19.90 instead of USD29.90, for the cheapest package) is still applicable before the launch date. The Free-mode version (i.e. an extended demo version where you can play a certain number of freelancers rotated weekly, open loot once in 36 hours, and not allowed to play Ranked matches) is available for those with Beta Access (as stated in their website). I supposed that means anyone who managed to play during the Beta phase? *shrug*

So if you like X-Com, or something like chess but infinitely more exciting, I highly recommend this game to you. Do check their website and other resources to get more information on Atlas Reactor.

N.B: I realised that I had played this game from Alpha phase till the soon-to-be launched phase and yet Robocraft is still in Alpha. I plan to play Robocraft again once they move to Beta as there were too many major changes.
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