Well on the way

I visited my dad the day after his surgery during lunch time. Although he sounded weak, my mum and sister said he looked better than the night before. However, he was briefly alert when telling me about a powerful Pokemon he caught lol.

There is this device that helps patient to exercise his lungs. The goal is to blow hard enough to float all 3 plastic balls to the top. At that time, my dad claimed that he could only support 2 balls but about 5 mins later, he managed to get all 3 balls up :)

In the late afternoon during my second visit, yet again he looked so much better. I had high hope that he could be discharged earlier than norm. My only concern was that he felt a little stressed staying in hospital, because of pain (28 staples!!!), bloated stomach, constipation and a bed that caused pain at his lower back (apparently experienced by a few other patients too).

Doctors who attended him generally agreed that his pace of recovery was faster than norm. In fact, the head of the doctors' delegation (the big boss!) joked that my dad must be a mechanical engineer and somehow manipulated the balls lol. Hence, he was discharged 5 days after his surgery and now recuperating at Ban's place.

Next step is to remove the staples 9 days after discharge. I hope it would be as painless as possible.
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  1. zerachiel Says:

    good to know that the surgery went well, hope your dad would recover soon :)