Under one roof

I mentioned in the passing that Ban and I went to Butterworth. We stayed at my sister's place. More importantly, my parents were there too. Yes, it was the first time we stayed together with my parents after I came out to them

I believed the 2-week stay went quite well, although Ban said it was quite "challenging" because of the new experience. My dad even took the trouble to remember what food Ban couldn't eat and what he didn't like to eat. My mum made the effort to converse with him. Ban himself made the effort to chit-chat with them.

We both read bedtime story books to my nephew at night. My niece was so attached to Ban that on the day we left, she pleaded with him not to "go home" and then later cried wanting to go with us. Poor girl.

My parents stayed a night at Ban's place (Ban and I stayed over at his brother's unit) and the next day had lunch with us as well as Ban's mum and brother. It went well...except that twice my dad played Pokemon during lunch and the second time he excused himself to go to toilet and didn't come back for a while. Haiz. My mum and I reprimanded him.
4 Responses
  1. William Says:

    Very "Meet the Parents".

  2. Jaded Jeremy Says:

    Parents' meeting :)

  3. Twilight Man Says:

    The meeting seems interesting and ended well.
    Your dad sounds like a young man who plays this game! LOLOL

  4. Jaded Jeremy Says:

    Twilight Man,
    Yes and I'm grateful for it :)
    Yes, he's a naughty kid!