Atlas Reactor: Brynn

Ok, so I decided to stop being lazy and blog about my current Brynn build. It's essentially a shield build for survivability.

Refer to this website for more details on Brynn's abilities and mods.

(1) Impale: Hold the Line (2 mod tokens)

Improves survivability. Aegis would already half the damage. With this mod, you can eliminate most damage from a single freelancer (other than ultimate ability, of course).

(2) Aegis: Shieldbearer (3 mod tokens)

The best Brynn's ability in my opinion. What could make it better? Make it last another turn. On the turn you use it, movement and position yourself such that you're under cover on as many sides as possible, including that provided by the persisting Aegis.

(3) Soaring Shield: Wind Up (2 mod tokens)

I selected mods for other abilities and only then considered this ability. The default ability is still good: it gives greater flexibility and sometimes it can catch enemies off-guard.

(4) Flight of the Valkyrie: Battle Hardened (1 mod token)

Improves survivability. Shield lasts until end of next turn. I did consider Warden but I rather not get hit and give enemies energy.

(5) Spear of Hyperion: Indomitable (2 mod tokens)

Improves survivability. I guess Shattered Will can give similar effect but sometimes your target dies and thus it's inconsequential. Shield on the other hand absorbs damage from any enemies.

Here are some gameplays:

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