End of Cycle 4

With bated breath, we look at the blood test result. Since we didn't know exactly which liver function test to look out for, I tried finding one that has its upper limit in the 40s. I found only one: ALT, with upper limit of 41. The reading was exactly 41!

Although it was significantly below 60+, it was still way above his usual 20+. However, we thought that he would be allowed to do chemo because it wasn't flagged out as "high" by the pathology lab and that there would be a 14-day gap before the start of Cycle 5 Day 1 chemo after this second session of Cycle 4.

Luckily we were right! Phew. Kidney function reading stabilised just within the normal range. Dad gained a little weight. Not a problem. In fact, there was good news (as acknowledged by the oncologist): dad added duration of his walks and also lengthened the time between morphine intakes from 4 hours to 5 and then to the current 6 hours. Yet, there was no pain in his leg. If he crosses over 6 hours, then there is slight pain. So the current limit is 6 hours. This "experiment" was done due to the oncologist advice: it's how we find out whether dad still needs the morphine or not.

Let's hope the next tumour marker reading drops further!
6 Responses
  1. William Says:

    Never knew chemo got so much monitoring.

  2. Jaded Jeremy Says:

    It's all done in a single blood test: full blood count, liver function test and kidney function test. Done before every single chemo session.

  3. Twilight Man Says:

    You always wrote very detailed and nice reports. Your dad's heading towards good recovery though it takes time. Most patients I had seen, would deteriorate all the way down.

    While I support both Western & TCM for healing, I found the TCM's elements as most accurate to determine a patient's lifespan. I used that guide to monitor both my late parents. You can read this useful link >>> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_body_in_traditional_Chinese_medicine

  4. Jaded Jeremy Says:

    Twilight Man,
    Thanks for your compliment. It's also a good source of recollection if, in future, a doctor asked for the history of his cancer.
    Hmmm after a quick scan, I don't see anywhere in the link that relates to "lifespan".

  5. Twilight Man Says:

    Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water are the 5 elements that human beings have. When all the 5 are shut down, the person dies. Example was my late mum had all her vital organs shut down and bed ridden, leaving only her breathing which is Fire. So I could monitor from the wood, earth, metal and water shutting down much earlier. When there's only Fire left, that's almost the end which could be weeks or 2 months left for me to prepare for funeral arrangements. I hope I managed to explain something.

  6. Jaded Jeremy Says:

    Twilight Man,
    Oh yes, you told me this before. I forgot. Thanks.