Crusader Kings 2: Tanistry (Part 1)

I've blogged about significant reloads in this campaign. I believed (it's been sometime since I finished this campaign) that there were no more major reloads after those.

At the outset, I aimed for Tanistry succession law and to finish with it. I'm proud that I managed to do it. Yes, there are downsides to this law e.g. can't really control what foreign land your heir can inherit (unlike Primogeniture) but, oh boy, the stability it brings to the realm is amazing. Elective Monarchy can arguably be more stable but Tanistry guarantees that the realm stays within your dynasty.

CK2 6Nov17_5

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CK2 6Nov17_7

The score of 139,066 didn't beat my personal record of 178,253. Realm is smaller than the latter's (1,165 vs 1,214) and, due to Tanistry, I didn't hold as many titles (for fear of splitting the realm due to different nominees).

22 rulers. Peter the Cruel ruled the longest (56 years) while Emperor Lachlan the Great has the highest score (12,386).

As with previous campaign, I started off as Duke of Moray who automatically had a strong claim on Kingdom of Scotland. Unfortunately, this time, I couldn't muster enough armies to best my liege and so I didn't. I aimed to conquer counties that was within my de jure duchy and aimed for the Irish counties that constituted the Duchy of Ulster. The idea was to have 2 duchies (each duchy above 2 would incurred -10 penalty with vassals) with a total of 8 counties.

Unexpectedly, the other Scottish lords formed a faction to install me as the King of Scotland. I went about my personal conquest objective, thinking that I could join them when they make their demand. I was wrong. Hence, I reloaded and joined their faction. If I recall correctly, that pushed the faction's armies to be well above the king's and so the faction leader very soon made his demand.

We won but there were 2 other factions also wanting to put their guys on throne. So after I became King of Scotland, I had to defeat these other two factions but by then my armies had dwindled significantly and I wasn't helped by others. I just had my own armies and the levies raised from my vassals, excluding the rebels' armies.

So, I aimed to merely obtain white peace from them. One faction was easily dealt with but the other took a while. Phew.

At the end of this campaign, I was Emperor of Alba, Duke of Moray, Duke of Ulster and held all counties (8 in total) in the 2 duchies. At some point, I had to destroy Kingdom of Scotland title because different heirs were nominated for the empire and the kingdom. As stated earlier, I could have held many more titles but didn't.

At the end of the game, I had the following as my direct vassals:

  • King of England (dynastic member)
  • King of Lithuania (dynastic member)
  • King of Syria (dynastic member)
  • King of Lotharingia (dynastic member)
  • King of Bohemia (dynastic member)
  • King of Poland (dynastic member)
  • King of Brittany (dynastic member)
  • Queen of Wales
  • King of Denmark (dynastic member)
  • King of Lapland (dynastic member)
  • King of Aragon (dynastic member)
  • King of Sweden (dynastic member)
  • Queen of Ireland (dynastic member)
  • King of Castille
  • King of Pomerania
  • King of Rus (dynastic member)
  • King of Finland
  • King of Leon
  • Duke of Iceland (dynastic member)
  • Duchess of Galloway (dynastic member)
  • Duke of Lothian (dynastic member)
  • Duke of Burgundy (dynastic member)
  • Duchess of Mann
  • Duke of Albany
  • Duke of Champagne
  • 14 vassal baronies (i.e. Barons, Mayors and Bishops)
I can remember how some of them came about. I'll blog about them in later blogposts.
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