Butterworth Cafe

Years ago, my parents and my sister's family dined at this restaurant a few times. They loved it. Later, they also dined at Butterworth Western Food which later they found out that it's operated by someone who is former partner of the cafe's operator. My parents thought that the latter wasn't as good as the former.

So when Ban wanted a change in routine by having dinner outside, I suggested Butterworth Cafe. My dad joined us too.

I chose a set meal that included mushroom soup, root beer, grilled fish and lychee pudding.

Butterworth Cafe 1

Butterworth Cafe 2

First thing I noticed was the pitiful amount of salad. Doubling that would had been much better. At almost the same time, I noticed the brown sauce. Normally grilled fish comes with white sauce but this one came with BBQ sauce! So unusual and it was not nice for me.

The fish was grilled with a layer of flour. Seems like it was pan-fried rather than grilled.

Overall, it wasn't to my liking.

Butterworth Cafe 3

The root beer came in this cute glass :)

The mushroom soup had more mushroom and less cream. Those who are used to the creamy version (e.g. my dad) will probably not like this. I, however, like this.

Butterworth Cafe 4

The lychee pudding is arguably the best item of the set (well, the root beer was nice too but it was as expected). It was smooth, soft and not too sweet. Ironically, we suspect that it wasn't made by the cafe as it was served together with a plastic spoon.

As an extra, I ordered the tiramisu cake. Unfortunately, it was cream cheese based. It was like cheese cake with sprinkle of mocha. It wasn't as soft as expected.

Overall, it was a poor dining experience. My dad also didn't like it and concluded that the Butterworth Western Food is probably the better choice now.
3 Responses
  1. William Says:

    That main looks really pitiful.

  2. Twilight Man Says:

    You are too used to high quality Western dining in Singapore and KL. Penang areas still conquer street hawker food only. Yums.

  3. Jaded Jeremy Says:

    I thought so too.

    Twilight Man,
    The main point of this post is that their food this time was far worse than what my parents experienced a few times before. My dad had grilled chicken with black pepper sauce. It was quite bad. How bad? Well, next day, we had chapfan for lunch where I took their black pepper chicken and that tasted so much better than this Western one. That was how bad it was.