Crusader Kings 2: Tanistry (Part 3)

(continue from Part 2)

CK2 6Nov17_3

Due to de jure drift, Kingdom of Britanny, Navarra and Lapp had become part of Empire of Alba. Also note that I had sufficient counties to create the Wendish Empire but I didn't for fear of split in empire titles once different heirs are nominated for the empires (Tanistry).

CK2 6Nov17_4

Yellow = Empire of Alba (my realm)
White = Christian defensive pact vs Alba
Green = Muslim defensive pact vs Alba
Red = Pagan defensive pact vs Alba

Yes, late game I couldn't declare war because of these pacts. I often had 80% - 100% threat level @@. Fortunately, my vassals were actively declaring war and so I would join their wars (more like take over because their armies disappeared the moment they accepted my offer) if they were faltering.

CK2 6Nov17_2

Sunni was either gone or very tiny (evidently). Mongolia Empire this time adopted Tengri and so largely propped up Paganism.
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