3 tips for Atlas Reactor

Throughout my play in Atlas Reactor,  I learned a great deal from other players. Assuming you're already competent in the game, there are 3 things that even good players sometimes forget:

(1) No such thing as overkill.

You observes 2 team mates choose to hit an enemy during Decision phase, which you can also hit but you choose not to because their damage is more than enough to kill him. Prep phase: enemy's Finn, from the fog, cast a through-wall bubble on the target. Damn. Yes, the target survives.

"There is no such thing as overkill in Atlas Reactor", Zafnir told me, especially if the support is still around. There are only few instances that you can safely don't hit the target.

(2) Always confirm kill

Let's say you're certain that the enemy's support is not around or the support's protective abilities are on cooldown but the target still has his dash catalyst. Do you hit him or try to guess where he cata to or simply shoot another target?

"You should always confirm kill," said Nyehhehhehheh, because of mind games: you choose not to shoot the target to confirm kill but the target chooses to stay and shoot, thereby live for another turn with his dash catalyst intact. It's even worse if next turn, the target has his dash ability up again or gain enough energy to use his dash ultimate (like Lockwood, OZ, Tol-ren).

I remember in the early days in a game where both a team mate and I could have killed enemy's Titus for 2 consecutive turns but because we expected him to dash away, just using his normal dash ability, we chose to do something else. He stayed and hit. On the third turn, when we decided to call his bluff, he dashed away.

(3) When in doubt, move towards support

You're in need of healing and an enemy is chasing you. You're panicking and can't think clearly on where to go: all routes seem equally bad! "I don't know where to go and so I move closer to my support," explained MsDizzy, when I praised her for moving towards me so I could protect her (I was playing support).

Oftentimes, players (including yours truly hahaha) panicked and automatically moved away from the enemies but that too created even longer distance between them and their support. Of course, don't take the direct route, passing by the enemies (unless you have invisibility). Use the fog, camo, the sides of the map or any combination of these to slowly inch towards your support.
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