Many players, including Youtubers, were unhappy about the planned change for Paladins ("cards unbound") and so one of the games that they diverted to was Battlerite, which is free-to-play.

According to people who are familiar with League of Legends, they said that Battlerite is like LoL but focuses only on the fight (deathmatch). Similar to Paladins (if they haven't implemented cards unbound patch), each champion's ability can be modified using "battlerite".

If you consider Overwatch to be a MOBA game but simply from a FPS point of view, then this is my second MOBA game but with a top-down view. Boy, I'm bad at it hahaha.

I understand from some Youtubers that the players are far more toxic than Paladins and closer to that of LoL. Hence, for now I plan to practise in private custom game with AI team mate(s) vs AIs and then level up in the "vs AI mode" where potentially I will be teamed up with human player(s) vs AIs. If no human players can be found within a certain time (seems like 40s), then the spot(s) will be filled by AIs.

I've been hinting to Ban to give the game a try so that I can group up with him (instead of a strange!) vs AIs. He hasn't taken the bait yet :(

I've been reading some guides on builds and also on tips on how to play. I believed I'm a little better but still bad lol. I've yet to learn to cancel abilities though.

The only champion given at the start is Jade and you'll be stuck with her for the tutorial portion. After completing the tutorial, I have enough in-game currency to unlock Pearl. I kind of regret now. Although I'm better now at playing Pearl, with help of ideas of builds from others, I think Blossom would have been a far easier champion to start leveling with. Oh well.

Recently, I also read guide builds on Jade and picky up some useful advice. I might just level her up as well!

Update: Finally had enough battle coins to unlock Blossom. Yay! I won't neglect Pearl though, because she is also a useful support.

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