Signs of stability

I was sick for nearly three weeks! I so missed exercising! :(

But the good news was that I was well in time to go to Butterworth with Ban and drove my mum (my dad came along, as usual) to her next appointment with Dr N.

From the session, it was revealed that during the 2-week interval, my mum 
(1) interfered less
(2) was less distracted
(3) less bad-tempered
(4) ate more proper food and almost no junkfood
(5) slept ok, discounting those nights due to Fibromyalgia and social visit by relatives
(6) had fewer ideas
(7) was no more or less talkative than usual (Dr N asked)
(8) still felt divine guidance but not audible

Dr N then retained dosage for Olanzapine (7.5 mg at night) and Epilim (200 mg twice a day) but reduced Alprazolam (aka Xanax) by half i.e. 0.5 mg at night.

As usual, I was the last one to leave her room and I took the opportunity to ask her whether she thought my mum was stabilising since she hadn't changed her medication for her bipolar. She smiled and said, "Oh yes, she's stable: she didn't give me a hug today". I thought she was joking but she seem to say that that was significant.
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