Butterworth Western Food

So after the bad experience at Butterworth Cafe, I decided to "ajak" my family and Ban to dine at Butterworth Western Food, operated by someone who used to be a partner of the former joint. I was hoping that it would be much better there.

Butterworth Western Food 1

Butterworth Western Food 2

This time, I tried Gordon Blue Chicken. Unfortunately, the chicken was dry which meant the main meal was ruined.

Similar to Butterworth Cafe, amount of salad and fries were pitiful although the salad tasted good. Such a shame. Fries were standard in taste.

The honey lemon was so suitable that rainy day. No complain there.

Overall, a poor experience. The western food I had in town (near Econsave) was much better but unfortunately, it has closed down. Oh well.

2 Responses
  1. William Says:

    The plate is too big.

  2. Jaded Jeremy Says:

    Haha that's one way to put it.