Atlas Reactor: Asana revisited

It's been a long time since I talked about my Asana build. There have been changes since then. If I recall correctly, her hp was decreased, her primary ability's healing mod was decreased from 5 to 4, and there was a buff to that ability's damage (so do other frontline freelancers).

Then later, for a long time, I used this build:
(for details on abilities, please refer to this wikia)

(1) Whirling Blade - Leech Blade (3 loadout points)
(2) Rebounding Charge - Vault (3 loadpoint points)
(3) Stand and Fight! - Walk and Fight! (2 loadout points)
(4) Retribution - (unequipped)
(5) Guardian - Savior (2 loadout points)

Vault is great because it makes it hard for enemies to predict where you'll end up at. Hitting two targets is a bonus.

Walk and Fight! makes this ability (the only non-ulti range ability) more consistent since it can then be used once every 3 turns.

Leech Blade is for sustain while Guardian is great for escape, to help with kills or to help shield team mates.

Recently, I tried Archangel mod (3 loadout points) on the ultimate ability. An AR friend, highaf, commented that the normal 20 shield was simply not enough to mitigate substantial damage done to your team mates (and often to yourself too). Of course the huge drawback is that you lose out on the global range of Savior. I have yet to conclude whether it's a good change or not because I've used it fewer than 10 times. I guess that you'll have to be mindful of your position relative to your team mates, especially those in need of help, when you're close to having your ultimate i.e. you should start making your way towards them.

However, since this mod requires one more loadout point and I must have Vault and Walk and Fight! mods, I chose Swordmaster mod for Whirling Blade ability. Because Asana has substantially less hp than other frontline freelancers, you'll have to be extra vigilant of your hp and your positioning relative to your support and/or health powerups.

Here's a recent gameplay of Asana using the Archangel and Swordmaster mods:

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