Since the last appointment, my mum's condition improved significantly. During the next 2 weeks, there were only 3 occasions when she couldn't sleep throughout the nights but most importantly, it didn't lead to anxiety and urge to hurt herself. She didn't feel restless, hear voices or feel distressed. She also talked more. She believed that the anti-depressant sertraline was the medicine that helped her.

On the next appointment, we were fortunate that the geriatric psychiatrist was the one who attended to my mum. He said that the effect of sertraline was much better than he expected, especially since it was on low dosage. He suspected that mum's case could be one of those rare cases where one hears voices when depressed.

He asked a few questions as well as tested the stiffness of mum's arms. He said that her right arm was stiff while her left arm was slightly stiff. He suggested that since mum wasn't under distressed at the moment, she could try to half the morning dosage of olanzapine i.e. 5mg to 2.5mg to decrease the stiffness. However, if her condition worsens, put back up the dosage to 5mg.

All other medicine stay the same as before. One lucky thing was that Pg GH had supply of olanzanpine! Yay! I was shocked that it was of the original brand i.e. Zyaprexa. Perhaps they should consider getting the cheaper ones and so could have larger supply.

Next appointment is in one month's time.
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  1. Twilight Man Says:

    Perhaps if you have friends in pharma line, they could share with you a whole long list of alternative brands that costs cheaper by 50-70%!!! The results are the same and its their brands that costs more. Just like Bata and Ferragamo when both are just sames footwears.

    I am glad your mum has shown improvement. Please do not dismiss about the voices as I also hear spiritual voices all the time. Both ears from different channels. LOL

  2. Anonymous Says:

    So happy to hear about the significant improvement in your Mom. When I called your Dad 2X, both times your Mom was napping. I told him I missed hearing her voice. She called me when she woke up. She did say she was not in the mood to chit chat, but I was happy to hear her voice. That was a treat. I'd take whatever I can get. Told her to call me when she feels more like chatting. SR