Update before appointments

My dad
  • Back pain worsened a little: needed to take Tramadol 3 times a day + paracetamol 2 times day
  • Each night when he woke up to go to toilet at about 2-3am, he needed to take Oxnynorm (the "breakthrough") because his leg started to be painful
  • He went for private physiotherapy that helped with his back pain and discomfort in his neck, which he found helpful. This physiotherapist seems pretty good because he did view the MRI scan and also disallowed my dad to use certain machine (after seeing some patients using it, dad though it would be good for him) because not suitable for cancer patients. However, the hospice nurse advised against it because of "brittle bone". Not sure whether it's specific to cancer patients or all old folks
At the moment, the plan is to wait until the next appointment (soon) with the oncologist and palliative care unit specialist to report the above.

My mum
  • Able to converse "normally" over the phone i.e. coherent, voluminous.
  • Taste bud gearing towards "normal" i.e. there are now food that are "very nice" and "not nice", instead of "ok lah" for all
  • Tried to forgo clonazepam ("sleeping tablet) one night but cave in when she couldn't sleep at midnight.
I advised my mum to follow the doctor's prescription. Because of a remark made by the geriatric psychiatrist previously, I highly suspect he will next prescribe clonazepam to be taken as and when needed.
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