Canberra - Adelaide - KL

My way back to KL from Canberra was also via Adelaide, same as to how I got to Canberra.

The first hiccup was the delay of about an hour of the Qantas flight from Canberra to Adelaide. The reason was a first for me: the pilots were waiting for the flight attendants from the plane arriving from Sydney as they would be the cabin crew for this flight to Adelaide. While waiting for that plane to arrive, some other flight attendants temporarily helped by doing the preliminary procedure in the plane after ushering passengers in.

The flight itself was uneventful. The snack was quite dry. Other than eating, I just slept. Didn't have the energy to read either.

At Adelaide airport, I tried finding the Air Asia X counter to check-in my luggage. It was a little confusing. Normally I would just head to the departure hall as the check-in counters are situated in that hall for all the airports I've been too. It is still true for Adelaide airport with one exception: Air Asia X counters are in the arrival hall @@ I found only one signage in that hall pointing this out. Hmmm.

The process of getting to the departure gate was uneventful. I wasn't even checked for explosive residual this time lol. I honestly think that 3 out of 4 times I get pulled over to for such check.

The Air Asia X plane departed Adelaide and arrived at KL on time. Remarkable. However, I had one complaint: it was too cold for my feet and legs eventhough I was using the Air Asia blanket. My upper body was fine with a jacket on. I suspect that it was only my section that was extra cold because the temperature of the section behind mine felt alright.

Incidentally, on both Air Asia X flights to and from Adelaide, I sat at the "Quiet Zone". The fee for choosing a seat there was no different than any other standard seat and so I decided to try it. There were no kids, the common lights were a little dimmer and it was closer to the entrance/exit. I liked it. I suspect that Air Asia X may increase its fee in future for a seat in this zone.
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    You memang banyak requirements :P

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    Mana? Mana??