Sushi Bay @Belconnen Mall

Usually on my trip to Canberra, I would request to have a meal at Iori, a Japanese restaurant at Civic. However, this time, I decided to try something new: Sushi Bay at Belconnen Mall.

The restaurant is possibly one of the first, if not the first, couple of restaurants to have a conveyor belt serving plates of sushi. Definitely a novelty in Canberra. It was good to see that they had quite a crowd when I had lunch there with my sister.

Sushi Bay A4.5

The size of the salmon sushi looked impressive! Definitely larger than that served by most of the restaurants in KL. Thick slices of salmon. It tasted just fine but just not as juicy as some of the good ones I had. Its price was AUD 4.50 per plate.

Sushi Bay

Yes, even the handroll was larger than that served in KL. I supposed it should be expected because the serving size for all other food (noodle, rice etc) in Canberra (and probably in Australia) is larger than that served in Malaysia.

It had thick slices of salmon, and generous amount of avocado and vegetable. Unlike the typical handroll, it had sesame seed in its rice. Unusual but tasty. Its price was also AUD 4.50 per plate.

I hope they'll do well and that more such restaurants open in Canberra so as to provide competition and improve quality.
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    For AUD4.50, I would expect it so