A few years back, due to certain circumstances, Ban had 6 parking summons, each with RM50 fine, issued by the town council. Often than not, people do not pay this fine because there is no dire consequence, unlike those summons issued by the Land Transport Authority whereby failure to pay means you are blacklisted and therefore you will be unable to renew your road tax and drive your car.

Ban decided to do the "right" thing by paying for the summons. He was told over the phone that there was no alternative way of paying (e.g. internet, post office etc) other than to personally go to the town council office.

Once there, he was ushered to a room while I sat in the waiting area. While waiting, someone came in and went straight to the payment counter to pay for his summons. However, he was asked to approach the appeal counter, despite him stating clearly that he wasn't interested in appealing for lower fine. This would make much sense to me later.

Ban came out of the room and then paid for the summons at the payment counter. Later, he told me that the officer in the room was "bargaining" with Ban over what lower fine they could agree with. The outcome was this: the fine was officially lowered from RM50 to RM20 each and RM10 per summon was "contributed" to the officer. So total payment was RM120 to the counter and RM60 to the officer.

So, it now makes sense that the only way to pay for the summon is to go to the town council. It also makes sense that you can't opt to just pay the fine and that you are forced to "appeal" for lower fine. @@
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