Herbal Pork Noodle @Restoran 126

Restoran 126 's supposed signature noodle is the bittergourd meat noodle, with 4 choices of meat: pork, fish paste, fish fillet and special meat. Alternatively, there's seaweed tofu noodle with the same choice of meat. You'll also get to choose the choice of noodle and soup/dry

Normally I order the bittergourd pork wantan noodel dry as that has relatively more vegetables than the seaweed tofu. However, ever since I tried their herbal pork noodle recently, it has become my current favourite.

126_Herbal pork mee sua

126_Herbal pork mee sua 630

It has some leafy vegetables and probably a little more than what other shops usually serve. One rather huge pork ball (a little salty for me though), 1 piece of pork liver and about 3 clumps of minced pork. My choice of noodle is mee sua, which suits very well with the soup and pork.

I love the combination of the ingredients with the taste of the soup. The soup has quite a deep taste of herbs. Probably nothing complicated but I like it nevertheless.

Its size is just right for me and at RM 6.30, it's reasonably priced and definitely cheaper than the next door's  restaurant City Star (which has raised its prices by another 50 cents!) where a plate of fried hokkien mee costs RM 6.50 and fried lou shu fun costs RM 7.50.

I'm glad that this restaurant now opens on weeknights, on top of its daily lunch time hours (alternate Sunday though) but I hope it's not a sign that they are desperate for business. Let's hope they'll survive and still maintain the quality and price.
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