Enlighten @Canberra

On my recent trip to Australia, I made the maiden trip to the festival Enlighten with my sister and her family. It was my first time hearing about it and I thank my sister her husband for arranging a family trip there (need to get the "wriggle" out of the boys' system lol).

I enjoyed it tremendously but alas my feet had gotten sore faster than, oh let's say, 10 years ago. Old age lol. Despite that, they did last beyond the time to go home as it was way past the boys' bedtime.

What I saw and remember on this trip was
  • the colourfully illuminated buildings and how the "picture" changed,
  • the hauntingly beautiful lighted horse puppet performance, and
  • the visit inside the the old parliament house.
Here's what the Enlighten website says:
Culture and creativity illuminate the capital 
See Canberra come to life after dark when cultural institutions across the capital open their doors to host an array of exclusive events and surprising experiences between February 28 and March 8.
Enlighten’s architectural projections will transform the buildings of the Parliamentary Triangle Bringing vibrant colour, movement and celebration to the cultural institutions at the heart of our city.
We definitely didn't see all there was to see. Perhaps next time. Hopefully they'll be back again. Find out more from the website.

Enlighten 1

Enlighten 2

Enlighten 3

Enlighten 4
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