The night before Ban and his brother went to pick their grandfather from the airport, I had a dream that their grandfather arrived here in a grumpy mood. When I asked, Ban said that it was because his brother was late in picking their grandfather.

So the next day, I told the brothers my dream. Not much reaction lol. I shouldn't be surprised because they had planned to depart an hour before plane arrived.

However, the first sign of trouble was that Ban couldn't get hold of his brother on the phone 5 mins before their planned departure. He promptly walked over to his brother's unit.

Hours later, after Ban was back, I learned that they were late after all! However, to be fair, it was wholly due to the plane being early by 40mins! Details were sketchy (Ban is infamous for lack of details in many things lol). Grandfather was unhappy that neither of them bothered to call him to reconfirm the flight details.

Hmmm in my opinion, shouldn't the onus be on the person flying? @@
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